Biologically-Active Medical Devices Manufactured from Blood Plasma

Carmell Therapeutics is developing biologically-active medical devices, with growth and regenerative factors designed by nature in the right proportions to heal tissues.


11/17/14   Pittsburgh researchers' bone putty could revolutionize how broken bones mend   Pittsburgh Tribune, Friday, Nov. 14, 2014 By Megha Satyanarayana Lisa Chapman describes her broken leg as possibly the worst pain she's ever felt [...]
10/9/14   Paper Describing Carmell Therapeutic’s Clinical Data Receives Coveted GT du Toit Award from the South African Orthopaedic Association   October 9, 2014 – Congress of the South African Orthopaedic Association (SAOA), Cape Town – Dr. David North, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon associa[...]
9/3/14   First Clinical Use of Carmell Therapeutics’ Plasma-Based Biomaterial Reduces Infections, Speeds Healing of Bone Fractures   South African Orthopaedic Association Congress, Cape Town – Data presented this week from a recently completed clinical trial with the REPAIR™ Bon[...]
8/22/14   Natural Infection Reduction: first reported use of a novel blood plasma-based product for treating open tibia fractures   August 21, 2014 – Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS), Fort Lauderdale, FL – Dr. Jason Smith, Director of Research and Development a[...]