Focused on the Development & Commercialization of Innovative Plasma-Based Bioactive Materials

Carmell Therapeutics Corporation is a regenerative medicine biotech company focused on leveraging our core platform technology, Plasma-based Bioactive Material (“PBM”) to stimulate tissue repair or growth after injury, disease or aging. The technology is a proprietary method of utilizing fresh frozen, platelet-enriched plasma to manufacture multiple forms to be placed directly at the anatomical site in need of enhanced and accelerated healing with the ability to reside in the local tissue for weeks to months.

The PBM technology is based on important patents licensed from Carnegie Mellon University that claim the ability to plasticize whole plasma and crosslinked with genipin, a derivative of the gardenia plant, to provide a controlled degradation profile in vivo. The company’s lead product, CT-101 Bone Healing Accelerant (“BHA”), a biologic, has been designated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) as a combination product, containing the Company’s core technology of PBM plus β Tri-Calcium Phosphate (“β-TCP”) an already approved medical device.