Our Vision: Be the Leader in Improving and Accelerating Healing

To create a world class regenerative medicine company delivering biologic solutions in multiple therapeutic areas with high regulatory rigor and substantial clinical evidence that accelerates healing and reduces infections.

team meeting

Carmell’s first PBM product, Bone Healing Accelerant, has clinically demonstrated safety and efficacy in accelerating bone and soft tissue healing and reducing infections when treating open bone fractures. While this first indication represents a significant opportunity in itself, the company plans to address the larger bone orthopedic market for adjunctive use during trauma fixation devices and spinal fusion. The same formulation of Bone Healing Accelerant will also be used in dental applications where accelerating and enhancing bone healing is needed (i.e., socket preservation and ridge augmentation).

Carmell’s second PBM product, Tissue Healing Accelerant (THA), will address an unmet need in managing chronic wounds either as an adjunct to standard of care dressings or as an enhancer to skin substitutes. Improving healing over the standard of care will result in a reduction in costs to both the hospital and patient.

A similar formulation to Tissue Healing Accelerant is Carmell’s aesthetic line of products to regrow hair, promote collagen growth and reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. The first application of a form of THA in aesthetics will be a combination therapy used in conjunction with micro-needling. For the treatment of androgenic alopecia (hair loss), THA will be removed from the shelf, with no mix, no prep and simply applied to the scalp after the micro-needling. Due to the unique cross-linking the THA material will reside in the scalp tissue for days constantly bathing the area with important growth factors that are known to promote hair growth.

The approach to facial rejuvenation is very similar, used as a combo therapy with micro-needling. The formulation is still under development and is expected to be a version of THA.