Our Vision: Be the Leader in Improving and Accelerating Healing

To create a world class regenerative medicine company delivering clinically demonstrated solutions in multiple therapeutic areas based on our proprietary Plasma-based Bioactive Materials to accelerate and improve healing for patients.

We have developed a platform technology through significant laboratory work, small and large animal research, successful patent work leading to (21) issued patents, a successful phase II randomized clinical trial, and over 14 years of research and development to generate the current applications across broad fields of use. The platform is our PBM, a proprietary formulation of multiple growth factors and other regenerative factors contained in platelet enriched plasma which is intended to accelerate and enhance tissue regrowth in bone, skin, other tissues, as well as stimulate hair regrowth and collagen production.

PBM is designed to be delivered locally at the treatment site with a degradation profile specific to the clinical application to allow for the regenerative properties to reside in the local tissue for an extended period of time. The Company obtained the rights to the patents from Carnegie Mellon University that protect these technologies.
Carmell management meeting