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Carmell Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Dr. Israel Nur as Scientific Advisor

Carmell Therapeutics, a pioneering company in the development and commercialization of innovative Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBMs) to accelerate bone and soft tissue healing, today announced that Dr. Israel Nur joined the company as a Scientific Advisor.

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FDA grants Carmell Therapeutics Expedited Review for CT-101, Bone Healing Accelerant

Carmell to begin enrolling in pivotal clinical program for first-of-its-kind Plasma-based Bioactive Material product used in long-bone fractures as an adjunctive treatment.

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Congratulations to Carmell Therapeutics on being selected as an Innovation Leader at LSI’s Emerging Medtech Summit 2020

Here is the 10 minute presentation by Randy Hubbell, President, CEO & Chairman of the Board.

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Carmell Therapeutics Receives IND Clearance for CT-101, Bone Healing Accelerant

Carmell to begin enrolling in pivotal clinical program for first-of-its-kind Plasma-based Bioactive Material product used in long-bone fractures as an adjunctive treatment.

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Startup Spotlight: Carmell Therapeutics Takes Regenerative Medicine to the Next Level with Controlled Degradable Biologic

When someone cuts herself and starts to bleed, her platelets aggregate to stop the bleeding. Over time, the body’s enzymes will break down that clot, providing the body’s stem cells with the regenerative factors naturally contained in platelets and plasma.

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Pursuing a Path of Regulatory Rigor: Taking Medtech, Regenerative Medicine to the Next Level

The medical device industry is facing a generational change in the regulation and validation of its products.

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The path to be first — How Carmell Therapeutics could have the 1st BLA-certified regenerative offering for bone healing

Biologics therapies have the promise to revolutionize orthopedics and sports medicine, but unauthorized operators pose a serious threat to emerging therapies.

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Toward A More Robust Regenerative Medicine Regulatory Pathway

In recent months, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has increased its compliance focus on the regenerative medicine industry, vowing to crack down on illicit stem cell clinics and others advertising the untested use of human cell and tissue-based products (HCT/P), many of which are used in orthopedics.

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Carmell Therapeutics Announces Publication of Results of Pre-Clinical Studies on its Tissue Healing Accelerant for the Treatment of Cutaneous Radiation Injury

Randy Hubbell speaks with Stock News Now at the BIO CEO & Investor Conference 2019 in New York

Carmell Therapeutics to Present at the 21st Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York

Wendy F. DiCicco joins Carmell Therapeutics' Board of Directors

Toward a More Robust Regulatory Pathway — 3 Qs with Carmell Therapeutics' CEO Randy Hubbell

Carmell Therapeutics President & CEO, Randy Hubbell, to Present at Biotech Showcase™ 2019 in San Francisco

President and CEO, Randy Hubbell delivers a corporate presentation at the Investival Showcase at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London

Carmell Therapeutics President & CEO, Randy Hubbell, to Present at Investor and MedTech Conferences in November

Carmell Therapeutics Advances Plasma-based Products with $4M Series B Support

Carmell® Therapeutics is presenting at the Biotech and Money World Congress in London on 5-6th of February, 2018

Carmell Therapeutics Named Pittsburgh Tech 50 Awards Finalist

Stephanie Kladakis, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development, Carmell Therapeutics: Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Alumni Spotlight

Carmell™ Therapeutics closes $4M Series B round of funding

Carmell™ Therapeutics announced the issuance of Canadian Patent No. 2701187 for METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING PLASMA BASED PLASTICS

Carmell™ Therapeutics expands manufacturing capabilities to support Phase III clinical trials

Carmell Therapeutics New Management Team

Carmell announces the awarding of a new U.S. Patent that covers the use of the Company’s plasma-based materials as drug delivery vehicles

Dr. James Hart joins Carmell Therapeutics as new Chief Medical Officer

Randy Hubbell appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer

Carmell Therapeutics’ Plasma-Based Materials Shown to be Effective Antibiotic Delivery Vehicles

Research Notebook: Carmell Therapeutics’ PBMs—A new paradigm for healing tissue and bone

Carmell Therapeutics Ends 2014 with Addition of a New Patent to its Growing Portfolio

Pittsburgh researchers' bone putty could revolutionize how broken bones mend

Paper Describing Carmell Therapeutics’ Clinical Data Receives Coveted GT du Toit Award from the South African Orthopaedic Association

First Clinical Use of Carmell Therapeutics’ Plasma-Based Biomaterial Reduces Infections, Speeds Healing of Bone Fractures

Natural Infection Reduction: first reported use of a novel blood plasma-based product for treating open tibia fractures

Carmell Therapeutics Receives NIH Phase I Grant to develop antimicrobial-eluting bioresorbable bone filler.

Carmell Innovation Showcase Winner at ACA 2014 Summit

September 10, 2013: Five new U.S. Patents issued

Can New Plasma-Based Biomaterials Speed Healing of Injured Tissues?