Carmell Announces the Awarding of a New U.S. Patent that Covers the Use of the Company’s Plasma-Based Materials as Drug Delivery Vehicles

June 24, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA – Carmell Therapeutics announced that it has received its 8th U.S. patent. Patent number 9,364,503 covers broadly the concept of using plasma-based materials (PBMs) to deliver drugs and growth factors to an injured site. This new patent offers Carmell broader protection around the concept of using PBMs as vehicles for delivering antimicrobials, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and other drugs and proteins. This new patent brings Carmell’s total portfolio to 8 U.S. and 9 foreign issued patents. Additional U.S. and foreign patents remain pending.

Plasma-based materials (PBMs) are manufactured from pooled human blood plasma. After extensive testing and viral inactivation processes, the plasma is freeze dried into a powder and plasticized to create PBMs such as pastes, putties, scaffolds, plugs and screws. The Company’s first product under development is the REPAIR™ Putty for augmenting the healing of bone fractures. This new patent focuses on novel PBM products that can deliver antimicrobials locally.

“We are most excited about the issuance of this new patent to our portfolio” stated Randy Hubbell, Carmell’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We plan to aggressively pursue additional new patents as we further develop this exciting new technology.”