Carmell™ Therapeutics Announced the Issuance of Canadian Patent No. 2701187 for METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING PLASMA BASED PLASTICS

June 22, 2017

Carmell Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing regenerative medicine technologies, will soon be conducting a phase III clinical study for its first product/indication, Bone Healing Accelerant. This will be the first of many products and indications based on its core technology Plasma-based Bioactive Material (PBM). The PBM technology was developed at Carnegie Mellon University and utilizes pooled plasma to create products which accelerate the healing of both bone and soft tissues. The technology offers the unique benefit of controlling the timing of the release of a broad range of growth and healing factors to the injury site.

Plasma-based Bioactive Materials – Using the Body to Heal Itself

Carmell is a biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing regenerative medicine technologies.  Founded as a spin out from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, Carmell Therapeutics has created a unique & highly innovative patented technology based on biologically-active materials manufactured from human blood plasma. These Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBMs) contain a concentration of natural regenerative factors that promote healing in various clinical settings, reduce infections, reduce complications, and, as a result, save healthcare costs. Unlike previous approaches to delivering growth factors to injuries/surgeries, Carmell has patented the capability to achieve three important technological breakthroughs: form, presence and bioactivity.

  1. The regenerative materials can be manufactured to fit multiple forms, such as putties, pastes, scaffolds, plugs, screws and sheets.
  2. Presence is created by cross linking the proteins as part of the manufacturing process to breakdown in the body over different periods of time (days, weeks or months).
  3. As the regenerative biomaterial (PBM) biodegrades at the local site, active biologics are released where and when the body needs them to accelerate healing.
Carmell’s first PBM product, Bone Healing Accelerant, has been designed to treat bone fractures, through accelerated bone healing of the fracture and surrounding soft tissues while reducing complications, infections and duration of care.

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