Carmell Therapeutics Ends 2014 with Addition of a New Patent to its Growing Portfolio

December 23, 2014

Pittsburgh, PA – Carmell Therapeutics, a company developing novel products manufactured from blood plasma, today announced the issuance of a new U.S. patent to add to its growing portfolio. The Company now has 7 issued U.S. patents and 9 foreign patents, with numerous additional patents pending.

The new patent (8,911,789) covers the use of Carmell’s plasma-based materials to deliver antibiotics, analgesics, and other drugs. “We process our materials at relatively low temperatures, and heat-sensitive drugs and proteins are therefore unaffected,” said Alan West, Carmell’s president and CEO. “The addition of an antibiotic, for example, to our plasma-based products can result in more controlled delivery of the antibiotic, a jump start in healing from the plasma and platelet proteins, and cellular protection from locally delivered, high doses of an antibiotic.”

The issuance of this patent tops off what has been an exciting year for the Company. “We completed our first clinical trial this year on the use of a putty formulation for augmenting the healing of open tibia fractures,” West added. “The results of that study demonstrated that our plasma-based materials safely and naturally promote the healing of both bones and soft tissues and reduce infections. Now, with a strong patent position we feel the Company is poised for success in 2015.”

Carmell is a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University and has an exclusive, world-wide license for the technology. Two of the Company’s three co-founders are professors at Carnegie Mellon, and the third is a neurosurgeon at nearby Allegheny General Hospital.