Product Pipeline – all programs utilize same active component, which has been IND cleared for pivotal study (HEAL II)

Program # Indication Country/
Formulation Pre-Clinical IND (filed)
Phase II Phase II/III Phase III BLA
All CT-1XX
use same product/

Wholly Owned
CT-101 Tibia Fracture (severe) US   CT-101 IND cleared to start HEAL II w/ Fast Track granted HEAL I HEAL II HEAL III  
CT-102 Spine Fusion US              
CT-104 Dental Bone US              
CT-101, 102, 104 Bone Void Filler w/ healing claims EU  EU Classified as Class III Medical Device HEAL II CE Mark  

Wholly Owned
CT-401 Androgenic Alopecia US  Industry PoC – Dr. Hausauer RCT          
CT-402 Facial Rejuvenation US  Industry PoC – Auto PRP          
CT-403 Skin Serum w/ Growth Factors US              
Wound Care

Wholly Owned
CT-201 Thermal Burn US              
CT-202 Wounds (DFU) US              
CT-203 Venous Ulcers US              
CT-207 Radiation Burn US   Miller et al Pub          

HEAL (Healing Enhanced & Accelerated in Longbone fracure), HEAL II is Ph II/III for CT-101 and HEAL III is second pivotal, Ph III