Our Patented, Plasma-based Bioactive Materials Promote Healing

Carmell has created a unique and highly innovative patented technology based on biologically-active materials manufactured from human blood plasma. Our proprietary process binds and cross-links lyophilized plasma into solid and semi-solid plasma-based materials. These Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBMs) contain highly concentrated natural regenerative factors that promote healing in various clinical settings, reduce infections, and, as a result, lower healthcare costs.

Safe, Stable and Formable into Complex 3-D Shapes

Carmell’s PBMs utilize the entire solids content of the blood plasma, allowing for higher total product yields and retention of valuable regenerative factors native to platelets and plasma. These materials are safe, available as off-the-shelf products with low lot-to-lot variability, ready to use, formable into complex 3D shapes, and biodegradable. In addition, unlike previous approaches to delivering growth factors to injuries, Carmell has patented a process which fine-tunes the breakdown of plasma in the body, releasing active biologics over different periods of time (weeks, days, months) when the body needs them to accelerate healing.

Carmell’s PBMs harness the platelets' activity for therapeutic use while addressing the key limitations of current platelet-rich plasma (PRP):

  PRP Carmell PBM
Presence in the body 24-48 hours 1 week - 2 months
Form Liquid Multiple (putty, paste, screw, plate, sheet, ribbon, etc.)
Quality of Platelets Poor – Autologous (individual dependent) Allogenic (50 units pooled from healthy volunteers)
Prep required Blood draw, centrifuge, etc. Off shelf, room temperature, ready to use
Data Lacking due to no regulatory requirement Clinical trials under way (preclinical and Phase II data available)