Formable into Complex 3D Shapes.
Engineered to Breakdown at Specified Intervals.

Carmell’s Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBMs) utilize the entire solids content of the blood plasma, allowing for higher total product yields and retention of valuable regenerative factors native to platelets and plasma. The final materials are safe, available as off-the-shelf products with low lot-to-lot variability, stable at room temperature, formable into variety of complex, 3D shapes, biodegradable and can be fine-tuned to breakdown and release active biologics over different periods of time (weeks, days, months) when the body needs them to accelerate healing.


pbm suture


pbm screw


pbm paste

Cartilage Plug

pbm cartilage plug


pbm putty

Our PBMs can be thought of as highly concentrated blood clots that can be processed like a plastic. Like clots, they not only bathe injured tissues with regenerative factors to promote healing, but they also recruit the body’s innate immune system to the site of the injury over several weeks as they degrade.

All Carmell Therapeutic’s products will utilize the same Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), also known as drug substance. The drug substance has been cleared by the FDA as part of the IND for a pivotal study for program CT-101, accelerated healing in severe tibia fractures.